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The USA flag.

Americentrism is an ethnocentric and xenophobic perspective that focuses on the United States of America as a standard by which to observe, measure, judge, or evaluate other countries and cultures in the world. By viewing the world through an exclusively U.S. perspective, important cultural differences, political situations, and community needs may be overlooked in favor for American exceptionalism and the assumption of social superiority. Manifestations of this worldview might place the U.S.A in the dead center of maps, bisecting Asia, or may be seen manifested at poor world history education curricula in U.S.A. schools in contrast to possibly several years of U.S. History.

Despite the name, it only refers to the United States of America, not the whole of the Americas. This is sort of fitting, because it is very Americentric to assume "America" refers simply to the United States of America, and Canada, Mexico, and to view all of the South American countries as sidenotes.


On SJWiki we try to label articles that are flagrantly Americentric using the Americentric template. A list of currently Americentric articles can be found here.

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