The short answer is that the dude-bro is a sexist, homophobic douche. But bro, get this: it's not that hard just to be a dude

—Jill Filipovic[1]

A superpower.[2]

Dudebro (also dude bro, or dude-bro) denotes a white cishet man, usually in his late teens to mid twenties, who is characterized by casual misogyny, e.g., objectifying women.

Dudebros are similar to mens's rights activists (MRAs) in that they both have a demeaning and entitled attitude towards women and gender variant people but differ in behavior and appearance. While MRAs mostly take the pseudo-intellectual route, dudebros have a more frat-boy like attitude. Although both groups engage in cyber-bullying tactics.[3]

The word itself is part of "a staple of word-making",[4] in which "bro" is suffixed, prefixed, or otherwise inserted into a word.

How to tell if somebody is a dudebro

Jill Filipovic has written a handy list:

So how do you know if you're a regular dude or a dude-bro? Here are a few questions to help you along:

1). Are your male friends dudes who you actually talk to about stuff other than sports and whatever woman you've most recently banged?

2). Do you find women genuinely interesting human beings who you enjoy knowing as people, or do you think they're really advanced blow-up dolls whose main benefits (vaginas, boobs) are often out-shadowed by serious downsides (opinions, nagging)?

3). Do you use phrases like "that's so gay" to deride something you don't like? Do you regularly call other men "fags" when they do something you think is stupid?

4). If someone gets testy when you use words like fag, do you defend yourself with someone version of, "But I have a friend who's gay!"?

5). Did you vote for Mitt Romney?

6). If you didn't vote for Mitt Romney, is it because politics is just, like so gay?

7). Is targeting a really drunk girl the best way to get laid? Do you think girls get wasted so that their inhibitions will be lowered and they'll do you?

8). Do you know what negging is? Is it a tactic you've employed in your dating life?

9). Do you think Judd Apatow is a comic genius? Did you think the same thing about Pauley Shore ten years ago?

10). Am I a fat, ugly, man-hating dyke bitch for writing this article?[1]

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