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Citation needed is a way of asking for more information in the form of an external to SJWiki source, like another website, or journal, and so on.

If you are reading an article, or indeed writing one, and come across the phrase "citation needed", displayed like so[citation needed] after a word or phrase, that means somebody has deemed it appropriate to find more information to direct the reader to and/or they require more evidence to believe the proposed position.

Do not take this personally. References are an excellent way of understanding and grounding one's ideas and opinions about the world. However, certain things definitely require references, like a scientific experiment, or a precise statistic. And other things definitely do not, like a personal experience, or a logical extrapolation based on a fact. If you find you disagree on these grounds, the talk page of the article is the appropriate place to discuss it bearing in mind the rules.

If you want to add this use {{fact}} or {{citation needed}}. It will link back here so the authors and readers know what it means.

If you have found a good reference that explains the position, remove the {{fact}} or {{citation needed}} tag and replace with your reference.

If you want to browse any pages that require references browse the articles with unsourced statements category.

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