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  • ...uality]], [[genital]]s, and other [[identity|identities]].]]'''Genderbread person''' is a way of conceptualising, and a learning tool for, [[gender]] and [[o ...ty]], and other baggage. The text often found accompanying the genderbread person, as well as the images themselves, one way or another uphold the [[gender b
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  • ...as a cisgender person, as a straight person, and as an upper middle class person at the same time while importantly also facing oppression because of the ''
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  • ...others with a similar or darker skin colour. This hypothetical self-hating person does not, by definition, engage in racist rants or oppression, they merely ...not just teenagers, as shunning. Other similar acts of debasing the other person also can be used, which only work if enough members of the dominant group t
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  • * '''Trans Rights Activist''' ('''TRA'''): What TERFs call a [[trans]] person (often one who partakes in [[activism]]). ...da/ Paul Fromm]</ref> gender identity as ''choice'' instead of something a person ''is'', as well as a massive [[persecution complex]].
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  • ...being "held" by a person, social [[privilege]] is actually bestowed upon a person by a society; a patriarchal society bestows privilege on cisgendered men ov
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  • ...ially when talking about [[women]]. These definitions do not account for a person being larger because they carry muscle mass, and often cast healthy, but la ...e), but who exercises every day for 30 minutes can be just as healthy as a person who is at 22% body fat (normal for men, athletic for women) but who does no
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  • ...e collection of social [[norms]] and misplaced assumptions about how every person should be and is [[heterosexual]].
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  • ;[[Ablesplaining]]:To condescendingly explain something (especially to a person or people with disability/disabilities) from the viewpoint of able privileg ;[[Cisgender]]: The [[gender]] [[identity]] of a person who continues to identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.
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  • ...privilege do not enjoy these, and many other aspects of life a privileged person may take for granted due to never experiencing otherwise. ...al, and cultural effects of this principle manifest individually for every person's unique advantaged and disadvantaged aspects in society- but people with s
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  • ...-really-means What transgender really means]</ref>, e.g., "trans [[femme]] person", "transgender daughter", "trans woman", and so on.
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  • Some aspects of sexuality can dramatically change over a person's lifetime.
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  • ...ogical sex", which in this case is used to refer to the type of genitals a person has, is a problematic use of the word gender. Gendering penis as male, and ...hem. The end result is that they grant legitimacy to harmful [[Genderbread person|ideas]] and [[cisplaining|behaviours]] and further marginalise and [[horizo
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  • ...es", who would now would be called [[intersex]]; later moving on to mean a person who displayed behavioral characteristics of both classical genders, who wou
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  • ...on, as could a sound or a smell, a physical space, a specific object, or a person.<ref name = "how the tw">[http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisonvingiano/how-the-tr
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  • ...ed_with_cis- English words prefixed with cis] on Wiktionary</ref> So a cis person can be either a cis [[man]], or a cis [[woman]]. Its usage with respect to
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  • {{cquote|So if the law requires that a [[person]] is [[male]] or [[female]], should that sex be assigned by anatomy, hormon
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  • ...ries{{citation needed}}) or to otherwise participate in another society. A person of another culture may be expected to honor traditions or receive blessings
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  • ...edge their own inherent biased perspective. For example, a lighter skinned person does not understand how racism affects those with darker skin because they
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  • ...romantic people may only be romantically attracted to a couple or even one person in their lifetime. Another definition is between aromantic and alloromantic ...hypersexual. Insisting that aromantic people just need to find the "right" person to fall in love with is also arophobic.
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  • ...no person, through the use of a gun and/or intimidation, can force a White person to do as he as an individual desires, this is an individual act of aggressi ...'t impact their chances of being hired in the USA, identifying a cisgender person is not linked to the murder rate or medical care denial rate of cisgender p
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  • {{cquote|Circumstances such as where a person is born, where they live or their gender and ethnicity should never determi
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