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  • ...cation to the entscheidungsproblem. Proceedings Of The London Mathematical Society, 42, 230-265.]</ref> ...reat extent free from lower levels and is largely shaped by [[culture]], [[society]], and personal experience.<ref>[http://scientiasalon.wordpress.com/2014/04
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  • ...issexism]], and [[dyadism]] are insidious and rub off on ''every member of society'' regardless of their gender and genitals. Furthermore, trans-exclusionary
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  • ...ticipants.<ref>http://www.tjlp.org/Privilege101.pdf</ref> However, because society does not treat trans women (even ones that do not see the need to, do not w ...e.org/downloads/reports/reports/ntds_full.pdf</ref> while being assumed by society as rapists by default. This assumption (made popular by trans exclusionary
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  • ...31: 81–89. doi:10.2224/sbp.2003.31.1.81</ref> typical of modern Western society, or people who are actually [[obesity|obese]].
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  • ...ideological, political, and philosophical position that intends to revert society to traditional conservative values. Examples include any position that want ...a [[liberal]] stance. Proponents of reactionary movements usually propose society returns to a "more innocent age" or "the good old days".
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  • ...nantly cishet men. They claim women have greater [[privilege]] than men in society. *'''[[Othering]]''' is the process of placing another individual, group, society or culture into the position of an [[Other]]. Othering often leads to feeli
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  • ...of how to construct [[socialism]] and eventually construct a [[communist]] society. The theory gets its name from [[Josef Stalin]] and the policies he impleme
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  • Because [[intersex]] people are born with genitals that do not conform to society's preconceived notions of what a "girl" or a "boy" should look like, their
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  • ...industry, media, and government. Typical [[Role models|role models]] in a society tend to resemble the most privileged members. This kind of influence and fa ...vidually for every person's unique advantaged and disadvantaged aspects in society- but people with similar or the same avenues of privilege tend to follow pa
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  • ...ourse, since they are children they are at the mercy of their parents' and society's understanding of their [[gender]] [[identity]]. If parents understand an
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  • ...nsgender People, and the Social Maintenance of Heterosexuality''. Gender & Society, volume = 23, issue = 4, pages = 440–464 [461]. DOI 10.1177/0891243209340
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  • ...many countries{{citation needed}}) or to otherwise participate in another society. A person of another culture may be expected to honor traditions or receive
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  • ...institutionalized [[misogyny]], having at its core cultural features of a society that is defining, politicizing, and ultimately controlling women's bodies.
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  • ...of government and society ruled by men, and now refers to a government and society dominated by men ''de facto'' (the United States and [[the West]] in genera Patriarchy is the system of rules (social, political, ethical, etc.) within a society that maintain a system of disparity that favors men and oppresses women. Th
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  • ...a divine nature or being. It is a phenomenon that has documented in every society. {{citation needed}} ...regional practices. Once a religion is established, it begins to influence society. When theological trends develop in tandem with political or societal pract
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  • ...factions: One that challenges the patriarchal restraints imposed on men in society, and another formed philosophically from masculism. <ref>http://www.avoicef
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  • ..."savages" and "animals" while white people are treated unfairly in today's society.
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  • ...n. It is also used to describe the revolutionary movement to create such a society. Communism comes from the latin word ''communis'', meaning ''common'' or '' ...so lead, in his view, ultimately to the creation of a classless, communist society.
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  • ...at all, at least not in its present form. Had we been a different kind of society, had we had different needs, values, or interests, we might well have built ...product of [[society]]. It is a phenomenon that would not occur without a society in which to exist in and be propagated by. Examples include the [[legal sys
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  • ...ological supremacy. Keep in mind that what often is described as racism in society today, is really nothing more than prejudice and discrimination. While a Bl ...d repeatable because to even participate in acts needed to survive in said society, one must be exposed to those ideas: by household socialization, by the dyn
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