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  • ...ntersectional social justice. This means we wish to document, explain, and support any activism that is part of the greater social justice movement, e.g., fem ...ntersectional social justice. This means we wish to document, explain, and support any activism that is part of the greater social justice movement, e.g., fem
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  • ...od at chess because [[misogyny|reasons]]. Hopefully, very few people would support this form of harassment.
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  • {{Quotebox|[t]he use of neuroscientific research to support preexisting ideas about inherent sex differences.<ref>[https://en.wiktionar
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  • ...identity]]. This is problematic, as using the word "sex" (or any word) to support the existence of gendered biologies, or to mean [[gender designations at bi
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  • ...ts movement''', is a [[toxic]] [[anti-feminism|anti-feminist]] ideology in support of "[[men]]'s [[rights]]".
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  • ...directing their funds to a random charity which the original payer may not support is not something we're going to do. We also do not feel that it is right fo
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  • ...asies, questioning its legality, retelling their personal stories, forming support groups for pedophiles, and venting anger towards people that do not underst {{Quotebox| Support for Officer Wilson - https://www.gofundme.com/SupportOfficerWilson
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  • ...hich believes that the teachings of [[Jesus Christ]] require Christians to support communism as the ideal social system. Christian communists sometimes disagr ...that the [[subjective theory of value]] has better rational and empirical support. Further, critics argue that communism removes or reduces incentives to wor
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  • ...r, gay women, and trans people of color are routinely othered or face poor support. Within trans communities, [[transmisogyny]], discrimination against [[nonb
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  • ...an Rights & Social Justice at the University of Texas]}}</ref> movement in support of the [[rights]] of those who are marginalised, chiefly by [[poverty]], bu
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  • ...1953). More broadly, the term may refer to any leftist who is perceived to support or defend authoritarian regimes on the basis that they are enemies of the U ...ose members who believed that the party should pursue a line of uncritical support for the Soviet Union. The term has taken on its current meaning since the e
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  • Theory in a philosophical sense does not require empirical data to support their premises and conclusions. Theory in a scientific sense does require e *Political theory are positions that ground and support a larger political ideology. See [[John Rawls]] as an example of this.
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  • {{Quotebox|At Stonewall we're determined to do more to support trans communities (including those who identify as LGB) to help eradicate p ...rking-together/ Stonewall to be ‘guided by trans people’ on how it can support trans communities]</ref>
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  • ...along with their [[Truscum#Tactics and beliefs|behaviour and views]], lend support to the view that the typical member of their community is an [[adolescent]]
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  • ...flaws rendering it untrustworthy, but evidence has been accumulating, and support has grown in the scientific community for pre-Clovis culture.<ref>[http://a ...e kingdom of France eventually agreed to ally with the Patriots, and their support was key to several British defeats, which finally convinced the empire to a
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  • ...plement themselves or their families, or for essential/mandatory household support reasons. When grouped together with children below the age of 12 and older ...easy access to health and social service resources, may not have financial support or legal full independence, may depend on public services such as education
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  • ...eople born with a [[penis]]. Other cultural-level norms that stem from and support cissesism are: languages that only have male and female pronouns; bathrooms
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  • ...or their position and may not be accompanied by physical and psychological support services. It can also be difficult to provide documentation of hormone ther
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  • ...nts to send their youth to school rather than use younger children to help support the household. Many youth over an age of employment are employed part-time
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  • ...''' is an [[umbrella term]] used by some to refer to people who (claim to) support [[oppressed]] and [[marginalised]] groups. ...acronym discussion feels allies shouldn’t be included just because they support the community. Supporting the community doesn’t mean they are a part of t
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