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  • ...onsensually. TWs can be seen as akin to age certificates on films or video games.
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  • ...onsensually. TWs can be seen as akin to age certificates on films or video games.
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  • ...rned, it added more interest boards such as automobile, weapons, and video games boards. Janitors were put into place to monitor and remove illegal content. .... That Vimeo video was one I found on a Jew web site which said it was the video they feared most.
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  • ...ication and idealization regarding the portrayal of women and men in video games.
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  • <!-- This article is actually part of a series on ethics in games journalism --> ...yny-death-threats-and-a-mob-of-angry-trolls-Inside-the-dark-world-of-video-games.html</ref> Too toxic for [[4chan]], the owner of the site deleted threads r
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  • ...<ref>http://www.aei.org/</ref> A self-identified [[feminist]], she makes a video series called "The Factual Feminist" on the AEI's [[YouTube]] channel. <ref ...com/watch?v=d4NEQm5lUqM</ref> and has said that sexism is not a problem in video gaming because their target audience doesn't care about sexist tropes prese
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  • ...e this threatened by [[women]] that just want to sit here and make [[video games]]|||Brianna Wu<ref name="polygon">[http://www.polygon.com/2014/10/14/697454 ...arents bought her a prototype "Net Yaroze" system that allowed her to make games and upload them the Playstation hardware.
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  • ...ian is most known for her ''Tropes vs Women in [[Video_game|Videogames]]'' video series. ...ef>https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/566429325/tropes-vs-women-in-video-games</ref>. As of November 2014, seven videos have been published in this series
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  • ...ity''' is when non-player characters in an otherwise [[heteronormative]] [[video game]] are [[romantically]] interested in the player regardless of the char ...exual-representation-in-games/ Playing it Safe: Bisexual Representation in Games], by Lauren Clinnick</ref>
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  • [[File:Video game.jpg|thumb|"Even nonviolent games like Tetris were painted with the same masculine brush when they appeared i '''Video game''' is a type of game implemented as a programme run on a computer or a
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