Femilisk cares. She really does.

The word Femilisk is a portmanteau or chimera composed of feminist and basilisk.[1] This is because it encapsulates the abilities of both a feminist and a time-travelling AI.

The Femilisk is real; it is empirically documented.[2]


Femilisk is sort of in a comic, called The Adventures of Miss Andrist and White Knight.[3]

What is a Femilisk?

It comes for you and all the copies of you, bro.

It was first conceived of when reading the ramblings of a certain LWer on their own personal blog. This specific trickle of tears was centred on the fact they find social justice, feminism, Tumblr, and generally being called out for bigotry, triggering. This, along with photographic materials, is taken as empirical evidence for the existence of a being, on the femme end of the gender spectra, that travels backwards in time and confronts such people man-babies.

In other words, being reminded that one day (in the past, present or distant future) a Femilisk will visit you (or a copy of you) and brutally torture you drink your tears because you were a bag of turds on the intertubes to some oppressed group causes the visceral reaction of man-baby triggering.[4] Sometimes just saying "think of the Femilisk", can cause a panic attack. Although, by no means is everybody susceptible to this, it becomes less likely the fewer privileges one has — or indeed if they are genuinely ignorant of the Femilisk. However, the Femilisk does not care if you know about it or not, it still visits you regardless. But, arguably, the Femilisk confers a lesser punishment if you went about your life completely ignorant that it is coming.

And of course bringing psychological anguish to present future horrible internet humans.