Genderless is an umbrella term for people who do not identify with a gender within the gender binary, e.g., neutrois, agender, neutral-gender, null-gender, neither male nor female.[1]


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The neutrois pride flag.

Neutrois (pronounced: nu-traw) is a non-binary gender identity that is neutral, both with respect to the male-female spectra and with respect to any other gender identity. It exists under the genderqueer and transgender umbrellas.

The word "neutrois" was coined by H. A. Burnham in 1995.[2]

There is not a "one size fits all" definition of neutrois.


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The most common definition for agender is lack of gender. [3] Agender is also an umbrella term. It can also mean complete lack of gender.


Neutral gender can mean any of the previously offered definitions or a middle ground on the male-female spectra.


Null-gender is a gender that does not include aspects of being male or female. Sometimes null-gender people will reject gender stereotypes and behavioral norms. [4]


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Transitioning can take different forms for genderless people, such as name change, pronoun change, hormone therapy, surgery [5] to more accurately represent their gender, or wearing clothing to express their gender identity more accurately. [6] Not all people who identity as neutrois wish to transition.

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