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Reddit is a controversial and popular social media website for sharing links and text posts. It is organised into "subreddits" (or just "reddits"), meaning a subforum, which are denoted by a "/r/" followed by the subreddit's name, e.g., "/r/SRSFunny".

Institutional oppression

Unchecked institutional-level racism creates a toxic user experience.<ref>The artist, Quietuus, has given consent for their artwork to be used on this wiki. </ref>

Reddit is not only made-up of a bigoted user-base, it is systemically racist and cissexist. It has institutional-level oppressive norms. This means the admins themselves ignore organised abusive trolling and hate speech even when it disrupts the normal functioning of subreddits, and even when the mods ask for help from higher-up.<ref>The admins are now banning black women who are too angry about racism. on /r/ShitRedditSays</ref>

Reddit administrators employ a laissez-faire policy of "government", which predictably devolves into a from of feudal state.<ref name="sottek"></ref><ref>Reddit As A Government, by Sarah Jeong</ref><ref>Why Reddit sucks: some scientific evidence, by Henry Farrell</ref> Yishin Wong, the chief executive of Reddit, explicitly states their position in the following blog post extract:


The double standard, doublespeak, and cognitive dissonance here are powerful. Moreover, in the past Reddit has indeed issued site-wide bans on linking to Gawker because they revealed an extremely abusive<ref>Unmasking Reddit's Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web, by Adrian Chen</ref> member's private information.<ref>Reddit CEO addresses Violentacrez controversy: 'we will not ban legitimate investigative journalism', by Sean Hollister</ref> Presumably this double irony is lost on the admins.

Notable controversies

Reddit was the last high-profile website to ban the posting of hacked celebrity photos.<ref name="charities">Charities Are Refusing Reddit Donations Inspired By Jennifer Lawrence’s Nude Photos, by Sage Lazzaro</ref><ref>The Fappening — Are Naked Jennifer Lawrence Photos Worse For Apple or Feminism?</ref> Reddit's /r/TheFappening after leaking the private photos of celebrities attempted to donate to two charities, Prostate Cancer Foundation and, making the former issue the statement:


Reddit itself however, did make money from this gross infringement of privacy, and have made it clear they will not be giving it back:

Q: You profited on the gold given to users in these deplorable subreddits! Give it back / Give it to charity!

A: This is a tricky issue, one which we haven't figured out yet and that I'd welcome input on. Gold was purchased by our users, to give to other users. Redirecting their funds to a random charity which the original payer may not support is not something we're going to do. We also do not feel that it is right for us to decide that certain things should not receive gold. The user purchasing it decides that. We don't hold this stance because we're money hungry (the amount of money in question is small).<ref>Time to talk, by alienth</ref>

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