Reverse racism

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A Concise History Of Black-White Relations In The United States, by Barry Deutsch<ref>A Concise History Of Black-White Relations In The United States, by Barry Deutsch</ref>
A comic depicting contexts in which the phrase reverse racism might make more sense.<ref>What Reverse Racism Should Really Mean, by Mallory Ortberg</ref>

Reverse racism is a misplaced attempt to explain prejudice, bigotry, and oppression directed at White people by appealing to their skin colour.

Presumably, the proponents of this phrase understand that racism means prejudice, bigotry, and oppression directed at people based on skin colour, race, and/or ethnicity and that most of such oppression is directed at darker skinned people. Thus they create a new phrase to describe the "opposite" oppression, i.e., oppression directed at lighter skinned people based on their skin colour. This is an extremely misplaced analysis of kyriarchy, and society in general; with no factual basis.

While White people face many intersectional oppressions, e.g., transmisogyny affects trans women regardless of skin colour, poverty affects everybody, and so on, they do not face oppression because of their skin colour. This is not by definition, this is based on the empirical evidence for kyriarchy. Notwithstanding, all oppressions intersect with racism. So a black trans woman, for example, is even more likely to be injured by transmisogynistic acts (known as transmisogynoir) than a white trans woman.<ref>ON MOYA BAILEY, MISOGYNOIR, AND WHY BOTH ARE IMPORTANT</ref>

Could reverse racism ever exist?



In theory, if we take reverse racism to mean discrimination on the basis of skin wherein the lighter one is the more they are oppressed, then it could exist in a system wherein all the cultural and social values were set by black people and/or other people of colour (PoC). Such a system would contain power dynamics that were the outcome of a historical precedent for the disempowerment of white and lighter skinned people. Being darker-skinned and any other PoC external characterists would be the epitome of beauty; white slavery would be a world-wide historical event in which PoC owned and traded white people; countries with predominantly white populations would be considered "backwards"; a cornerstone of their heritage, both past and present, would be PoC cultures invading and colonising white countries; and so on. In fact the phrase/acronym PoC in such a world would likely not exist.

A world such as that described above, which would contain reverse racism, is detailed eloquently in Aamer Rahman's routine, reproduced here in both video and transcripted format:


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