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The original formulation of the sexy lamp test.<ref>An analysis of 1,500 films resulted in 1 disturbing conclusion, by Parker Molloy</ref><ref name="sexy lamp"></ref>
The sexy lamp test was created by Kelly Sue DeConnick.<ref name="sexy lamp"></ref>

The sexy lamp test is a test of women's and female presence in media proposed by Kelly Sue DeConnick.<ref>Kelly Sue DeConnick's personal website</ref><ref>See the Wikipedia article on {{ #if: | {{{2}}} | Kelly Sue DeConnick }}.</ref> If a female character can be removed from the story and replaced by a sexy lamp - if, that is, the female character does nothing and says nothing that is relevant to the story, with the possible exception of existing as a motivating factor or quest object - then the story fails the test.


Kelly Sue DeConnick explains the test at ComicCon in a discussion called Strong Women & the Creators that Empower Them.<ref>*I Don’t Know About You, But I Prefer My Strong Female Characters To Pass The 'Sexy Lamp' Test, by Rebecca Eisenberg</ref>

In other words, if women only pose as objects and have no agency within the story arc, in the words of Kelly Sue DeConnick, the writer is "a fucking hack".<ref name="sexy lamp"></ref>

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