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A good article should be:

  1. Clear: The first sentence of an article should say enough to know what the main subject is.
  2. Readable: The contents must not contain unreferenced jargon, nor clunky, hard to parse, overly verbose sentences.
  3. Referenced: The references should be mostly academic and peer-reviewed.
  4. Impersonal: The article should not take a personal position, but should attempt to describe or explain the topic. This is very tricky, and we do not give platforms to problematic views.
  5. Complete: Where applicable, the article should have links to other websites, images and photographs that help explain the topic, and interwiki links to other related articles.
  6. Free from privilege bias: Articles should not claim or imply oppression, bigotry, or privilege do not exist. They should neither assert Western or Colonial values as universal instead of cultural, nor contain any other form of institutional- or privilege-based bias.
  7. Peer-reviewed: Cognitive and cultural biases are difficult to self-diagnose; especially so in one's own writing. This is partially solved by having other authors and users review articles. This does not mean scientific peer-review.