Medical students supporting better trans health care, free from the current gatekeeping tactics.

Another prominent example of external gatekeeping is directed towards trans people. In order to obtain any form of gender reassignment, they must face gatekeeping from the medical community, because being trans is seen as pathological;[1][2] akin to how homosexuality was pathologised up until recently in the West and still is in many parts of the world. This takes the form of having to "prove" they are trans, usually by showing signs of genital dysphoria, in order to receive adequate medical care. Such gatekeeping results in excluding trans children and youth, trans people in poverty, and trans people who do not fit transmedicalist definitions of being transgender from the medical and psychological care they require. Transmisogynoir (the intersection of transphobia, racism, and sexism), inevitably, creates even more obstacles for trans women of colour who seek mental of physical health care.[3]