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Transmisogynoir (or trans-misogynoir) is the oppression of trans women of color, and trans feminine people of color, more generally. It exists at the intersection between transphobia, misogyny, and antiblackness.<ref name="Keir"></ref> This oppressive force is caused by a combination of cisnormativity, the gender binary, white supremacy, and other kyriarchal forces. Importantly, cis Whiteness, a chiefly Western concept, is at the root of this form of transmisogynoir. <ref></ref><ref>LUGONES, M. (2007), Heterosexualism and the Colonial/Modern Gender System. Hypatia, 22: 186–219. doi: 10.1111/j.1527-2001.2007.tb01156.x</ref>


The term was coined[citation needed] in 2013 by @thetrudz on Twitter :

The street harassment and violence trans women face is notorious and sickening. Transmisogyny and transmisogynoir are truly awful.<ref> @thetrudz' tweet - 9:35 pm - 14 Aug 2013</ref>

It is based on combining Moya Bailey's<ref>Moya Bailey's personal website</ref> term misogynoir and transmisogyny.


There are forms of oppression unique to trans feminine people of color that are suffered neither by cisgender women, trans men, or even white trans women. A very precise term helps to alleviate the negative affects an umbrella term, such as transphobia or racism, have in masking the specific heightened risk trans women of colour face.

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